Friday, June 27, 2008


I have a collection of stickers.I have stickers from the Disney channel original movie HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ,CHICKEN LITTLE And many more!!

It is really fun collecting stickers.You get to see all kind of stickers!

My father collect stamps.He has all kind of stamps from world wide,in and out of the country!!! We even need to help him sort them out!It was really fun!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My trip to Miri

What a fun trip it was!!!Even though it was a long journey,I didn't sleep.It took two hours to reach Miri.We have to overcome some customs and imigrations.

My father drove us there.The journey was using car.

Once there,we immediately,we went to my father's friend house.After that we went eating at Pizza Hut in Bintang Plaza.What a fun meal it was...and,we met my father's friend there too.

After eating,we went shopping in Bintang Plaza's popular bookstore,yet,we bought nothing.Then we went shopping in some small shops.After that,we decided to call it a day,so we went back to Brunei.It was also a long trip,yet I managed to stay awake.

Once in Brunei,I took a bath,ate my supper,and I am here writting this post.

What a fun trip it was!!!!!=)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My friend,Sheena,kept saying that she suck at things and said that she has no talents.

Did you know that everyone have a talent?Just that they don't know.It's just like a research.You have to discover your 'hidden talent' by yourself.Just like me,i didn't know that I have a talent until I went to Miri.

It started at boulevard fun fair.A lady asked me and my sister to try out oil pastel colouring.So we tried it out.My mother said that my colouring is very nice.So when I went back to Brunei,my mother bought some oil pastels so I can practice colouring with it.Everyday I get better.I have 3 big drawing blocks filled with oil pastel colouring and 5 small drawing blocks too.

That's when I discovered my talent!So,Everybody should have a talent.$_$

good friends

A friend once told me:"Why can't you treat me nicer?"I was thinking:"Why did she told that to me?"Well,I did treat her bad sometimes.....

Now,I lost a good friend because of attitude...

So,if you want to end up like me,go ahead and treat your friend as badly as you can.But if you don't want to end up like me...just don't treat your friend like I do.It will affect your life too.

I really don't want things to happen like that again,to me.

I really learnt a lesson.I hate it when i don't have a friend!

School Exams

School Exams are finally over!Freedom is mine!!!!!Before the exams,I was so busy!I have hardly anytime to blog!I also know why now.To get good results,we have to study really hard.We mustn't waste precious time on something which is not useful,that would just be wasting time.
So,after the exams,I really learned a lesson.
And also,I am taking PSR exams this year.I am hoping to get 5 A's this year!

Wish myself good luck!=)

My favourite singers

I have a lot of favorite singers,so I am only gonna name one only.

1. Aly and Aj are sisters who were born in Torrance,California,but spent their childhood in Seattle,Washington.They are actresses,singer-song writers and guitarists.


Hi!I am a 11 year old school girl from Brunei Darussalam.My name is May Cho.I study in Seri Mulia Sarjana School located in Jangsak,Gadong,Brunei Darussalam.Red is my favourite colour.My hair is black in colour and is not that long.I don't wear glasses but some of my relatives and friends say i'm fat.