Thursday, June 26, 2008

My trip to Miri

What a fun trip it was!!!Even though it was a long journey,I didn't sleep.It took two hours to reach Miri.We have to overcome some customs and imigrations.

My father drove us there.The journey was using car.

Once there,we immediately,we went to my father's friend house.After that we went eating at Pizza Hut in Bintang Plaza.What a fun meal it was...and,we met my father's friend there too.

After eating,we went shopping in Bintang Plaza's popular bookstore,yet,we bought nothing.Then we went shopping in some small shops.After that,we decided to call it a day,so we went back to Brunei.It was also a long trip,yet I managed to stay awake.

Once in Brunei,I took a bath,ate my supper,and I am here writting this post.

What a fun trip it was!!!!!=)

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