Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My friend,Sheena,kept saying that she suck at things and said that she has no talents.

Did you know that everyone have a talent?Just that they don't know.It's just like a research.You have to discover your 'hidden talent' by yourself.Just like me,i didn't know that I have a talent until I went to Miri.

It started at boulevard fun fair.A lady asked me and my sister to try out oil pastel colouring.So we tried it out.My mother said that my colouring is very nice.So when I went back to Brunei,my mother bought some oil pastels so I can practice colouring with it.Everyday I get better.I have 3 big drawing blocks filled with oil pastel colouring and 5 small drawing blocks too.

That's when I discovered my talent!So,Everybody should have a talent.$_$

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